FFITTECH DUAL Chest & Shoulder Multi FSM08B

€ 4.695,00

Dual Function: It allows to a dual exercise

Adjustment Buttons: Aluminum

Tube Thickness: 3mm

Type Settings: Manual Adjustment

Multi-position Rotating Double Handle: Helps to improve the position of the user during exercise

Post: Stainless Steel

Rubber Grips and Slip: Non-abdsorbent

Visual Scale Weight: Indicators in three colors depending on the level

Covers: Front (with information panel, worked muscles groups and exercise position) and Rear

Top Cover: Costumized (water bottle and mobile phone)

+ Flat Chest Press 

+ Incline Chest Press

+ Shoulder Press

Reference  FSM08B  Brand  FFITTECH®  Length  215cm  Width  145cm  Height  146cm  Weight  155kg  Load  100kg