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The curler EZ bar 

You don’t want your weights to budge while you are doing your curls – so we made a curl bar and we put built-in collars on it. With properties like bronze bushings, electroless nickel coated sleeves and a stainless-steel shaft, this curl bar is in the same league as our Allrounder Olympic bar and Dumbler Olympic dumbbells.

The cambered shaft is angled to minimize stress on your wrists and feels stable and comfortable in your hands, helping you maximize your results without injuries. Perfect for bicep curls, rows, and narrow grip exercises like tricep extensions or pullovers. And with the SlideLocks, you can be sure that you can do all these exercises with complete safety and confidence that your weights will stay in place throughout the set.

Our own SlideLock design on machined sleeves are made to keep your weights in place in the most efficient and cool way possible. Enjoy not having to deal with missing, bent, or broken external clips and collars, while at the same time finding yourself just playing with the SlideLocks just because you like the feel of it. If you ever wanted a bar that makes you want to work out more, look no further.

Gear specs

Bar Use Multipurpose / Specialty
Weight 11 kg / 24.25 lbs.
SlideLocks Titanium
Bar Length 135 cm / 53.14"
Loadable Sleeve Length 23 cm / 9.05"
Loadable sleeve length with lock 18 cm / 7.08"
Knurl Medium
Center Knurl No
Rackable No
Shaft Coating Stainless steel
Sleeve Coating Electroless nickel deposit
SlideLock Coating No coating
Bushing  Bronze Bushing
Shaft diameter 28 mm / 1.1"
Warranty Lifetime warranty

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